Our menu



Prosciutto-mozzarella salad  14,50 €

Parma ham and buffalomozzarella, roasted pecans, strawberries, bread

Goat cheese salad  13,50 €
Honeyed salad dressing, roasted pecans, strawberries, bread

Salmon salad 14,50 €
Roasted salmon & pecans, strawberries, lime aioli and bread  (M)

Falafel salad  13,50 €
Crispy falafels, roasted pecans, tzatziki & bread  (M)


Cheeseburger  12,50 €

Elkmeat burger with bluecheese 14,90 €

Veggieburger with goat cheese  13,90 €

Veganburger  13,50 €

French fries are included in the price. All burgers are available also gluten free. Bacon + 1,50 €.
Dressings for french fries: orient, chili, garlic 1,50 €

PIZZA, choose 3 toppings:
ham, minced meat, salami, smoked reindeer, kebab, tuna, shrimps, tomato, pineapple, onion, champignon mushrooms, mozzarella, blue cheese, paprika, jalapeno, garlic, olives, vöner. Extra toppings + 1,50€

Main dishes

Traditional Lappish Sautéed reindeer 24,50 €
Served with mashed potatoes, lingonberry jam & pickels (L,G)

Elk burger steaks  17,90 €
Mashed potatoes and pepper sauce with lingonberry jam & pickels on the side (L,G)

Sirloin steak with redwine sauce  24,50 €
Beef sirloin steak, fried vegetables and potato wedges (L,G)

Reindeer sirloin steak 29,50€
Reindeer sirloin steak with cranberry-redwine sauce, herb roasted potatoes and fried vegetables (L,G)

Roasted salmon 24,50€
Served with beurre blanc sauce, new potatoes and asparagus (L,G)


Three cheese platter 13,90 €
Three different kind of cheese, fig jam,olives, grapes and bread sticks 

Three meat platter  13,90 €
Selection of three different kind thinly sliced meat, sundried tomatoes, olives, greaps and bread sticks  (M)


L = Lactose free, G = Gluten free, M = Milk free