À la carte 


Traditional Lappish Sautéed reindeer 24,50 €

Served with mashed potatoes, lingonberry jam & pickels (L,G)


Arctic whitefish 24,50€

Fried white fish served with dill-flavoured mashed potatoes, cold sour cream sauce & fried vegetables (L,G)


Reindeer sirloin steak 29,50€

180 g Reindeer sirloin steak with cranberry-redwine sauce, potato wedges and fried vegetables


Pepper steak 24,50€

180 g Beef sirloin steak served with pepper sauce, potato wedges & fried vegetables (L,G)


Barbeque steak 24,50€

180 g Beef sirloin steak with seasoned butter, potato wedges & fried vegetables (L,G)


L = Lactose free, G = Gluten free