Salad in a restaurant in Kilpisjärvi


We want to serve you really tasty food in easy-going atmosphere, with great views and with friendly service. Our dinner options (from 2 P.M - 8P.M.) include pizzas & burgers and à la carte menu. If you're not up for a big meal, you can try some of our delicious wraps or sandwiches with a refreshing drink or just have a cup of coffee and enjoy the landscapes from our terrace. We welcome also groups, please contact us in advance by emailing us at During winter months from October to mid-March and in May we are closed. Our restaurant is open daily from 18.3 - 8.5.


OPENING HOURS 18th March - 8th May:

Cafe  To be confirmed later

Kitchen To be confirmed later

Breakfast 8 A.M. - 10 A.M.       Adults 13,50€, Children 4-12 yrs 7€




Falafel-halloum salad       15,50€ 

Salmon salad                             15,50€  (M)


Creamy mushroom pasta         16,90€  (L)

Smoked salmon pasta         16,90€ (L)


Jehkas: smoked reindeer, pineapple, blue cheese  14,50€

Tsahkal: tuna, shrimps, half-dried tomatoes        14,50€

Malla: mozzarella, half-dried tomatoes, champignon mushrooms        13,90€

Barras: salami,onion, ham, champignon mushrooms 14,90€ 

Your choice: with three toppings of your choice    14,00€

Toppings: tuna, shrimps, ham, champignon mushrooms, salami, smoked reindeer, pineapple, blue cheese, half-dried tomato, jalapeno, onion, garlic and mozzarella

Extra topping: +1€
Pizza with vegan cheese: + 1€


Cheeseburger             13,90€

Elk burger with pepper cheddar 16,90€

Veggie- halloumi burger  15,90€

Veganburger    14,50€  

All burgers are served with french fries. Sweet potato fries + 1,50€
All burgers are also available gluten free
Dipping sauces 1,50€ (sweet chili, garlic, Hellmann's majoneesi)
Bacon +1,50€


Our favourites

Elk burger steaks with mashed potatoes & mushroom sauce 18,50€ (L,G)

Traditional lappish sauteed reindeer 24,50 €  (L,G)

Fried arctic trout with beurre blanc sauce 26,00€ (L,G)

Reindeer sirloin steak with pepper sauce 29,50€ (L,G)

Elk sirloin steak with seasoned butter  24,50€ (L,G)

For snacks

Tapas plate
Lappish meat, cheeses, fig jam, olives, grapes, half-dried tomatoes
For one person 14,50€
For two persons  26,00€

For your sweet tooth

Vanilla ice cream & strawberries 6,50€ (L,G)
Also available with chocolate sauce (M, G)  / salty fudge sauce (G)

Lemon sorbet 6,50€ (M,G)

L=lactose free, G= gluten free  M=milk free

We reserve rights to changes.