Visiting Three Nations' Border Point & M/S Malla

Thu May 23 12:31:00 2024

Are you planning a visit to the Three-Country Cairn at the beginning of summer? Kilpisjärvi, located in the Arctic region at an elevation of over 500 meters, experiences the arrival of summer much later than the rest of Finland. If you're considering a trip to the Three-Country Cairn in June, there are a few important points to keep in mind.

Kilpisjärvi typically thaws around mid-June, and it is only a few days after the ice melts that the M/S Malla begins its daily trips to Koltalahti. For the boat schedule and ticket prices, please visit their website at

If the lake is still frozen and you plan to visit the cairn on foot, be prepared for an 11-kilometer hike each way, totaling 22 kilometers. Melting snow can cause streams and rivers along the route to rise, creating potential challenges. Additionally, snow often lingers on the trail well into June.

We hope this information helps you plan a safe and enjoyable trip to the Three-Country Cairn.