Snow activities

Snow many things you can do out in this winter wonderland!  Build a snowman, go sledding, do a snow angel, try ice fishing, build an igloo, and the list goes on and on. Kilpisjärvi holds the record of having had the most snow ever measured in Finland, in 1997 was the snow depth over 6 feet! 



Put snowshoes on and explore the untouched fell nature. Climb on top of Saana fell or take a long look around and decide to go to whatever fell or forrest that looks appealing to you. To rent snowshoes and to get the best tips, please visit our reception. Depending on the snow conditions can snowshoeing be anything from farely easy to extremely sweaty! 

Skiing & Ski touring

From March until mid-May are the skiing conditions in Kilpisjärvi at their the best. There are about 40 kilometers of tracks suitable for beginners to more advanced skiers. Ski touring is just as popular as skiing on the tracks. Differences between normal skiing and ski touring are the equipment and usually ski touring is done outside the tracks. Kilpisjärvi area is one of the best places in the world for ski touring in the spring time because of the great snow conditions, sunshiny days and surrealy beautiful landscapes. If you are interested in longer ski tours you should look into organised ski tours to Halti, check out for example or These ski tours require a good physical condition and are about one week long. Great way to just to get to know the sport is to participate on our guided ski tours (duration 4-6 hours) running six days a week on week numbers 14-17. Check out the pricelist for our equipment rental from here.


For beginners the best choice is to take part on a guided snowmobile safari- this way you can enjoy the speedy ride safely and go and visit for example Halti or the Three Nations' Border Point. On a snowmobile you will get a glimpse of how big and desolate our arctic wilderness area actually is! We can help you to book your snowmobile safari or you can contact Kilpissafaris at 

Husky safari

Who could resist a blue-eyed husky howling of excitement and ready to take you for a sled ride on the frozen lake? Make sure to book this activity with in good time to make sure you get to experience this! Husky safaris are organised by