A womsan is sitting on fell side with two lapphunds looking at her for treats
A reindeer is lying on the green ground and looking at norwegian fells
A woman is standing on a fell with lake and mountain landscape infront of her.

A hiker's paradise


Hike in three different countries!

You can easily visit three different countries even just on a one day trip by visiting the Three nations' border point. There are also other marked routes both in Sweden and Norway that are accesible from Kilpisjärvi. No matter where you decide to go, you willl be surrounded by the wild arctic landscapes and feel yourself getting connected with the nature. Kilpisjärvi area has a hike suitable for just about every physical fitness level.

With snowshoes and touring skis

With the right equipment can winter hiking be loads of fun, plus you get the chance to see Kilpisjärvi from a new perspective as you can make your own trails through the untouched nature. Ski on the frozen lake under the northern lights or go snowshoeing to lake Tsahkaljärvi and see the small frozen waterfalls. You can rent touring ski sets, snowshoes, pulkas and skinbased skis from us.

From the nightless night to northern lights - a photographer's dream

Constantly changing light gives every month a totally different feeling and atmosphere. During polar night there is day light only for a few hours a day and even then it's merely a delicate light colouring the village with pastel. Towards the spring sun will rise higher every day and the glittering fields of snow will make you want to get your sunglasses out. Starting from May it literally does not get dark at all and you can enjoy the Midnight sun from the top of Saana fell. All year round is Kilpisjärvi a paradise for nature enthusiasts who want to experience the arctic Lapland and no matter are you an amateur or professional- You will want to capture these hiking memories!

In the far north

Kilpisjärvi is situated over 500 meters above the sea level and very far up in the North. This means that the climate is cold and windy and that the weather can sometime change rapidly. On the open fell areas there are no trees to give you cover from the wind or snowfall and dressing in layers is super important here.  Animals who survive these circumstances are for example wolverine, golden eagle, reindeer, lynx and the arctic fox. In the old travel brochures is Kilpisjärvi referred to as the Switzerland of Finland - here are the fells bigger than anywhere else in Finland, lakes more blue and landscapes more spacious. 

Golden rules for hikers

Firstly and most importantly: Leave no trace. Arctic nature is fragile and because of the very short growing season can even the smallest damages still be visible decades later. Also there are some endangered plants that can only be found in Käsivarsi area so please do not pick any flowers. Remember to safety issues seriously;  Always take warm and windproof clothing with you as the weather might change suddenly and make sure that someone knows where you have gone. And lastly, be considerate for the other hikers and for the the wild life. 


Nordkalottleden Trail- long-distance hike in three countries