Our story

The beginning of Kilpisjärvi Holiday Village & Camping dates all the way back to the early 20th century. This was when the goverment decided to build a guesthouse for all the travelers and research scientists who wandered to Kilpisjärvi. The first permanent habitants of Kilpisjärvi, Valde & Hilda Viik started to run the Inn called Siilastupa.

In the old documets is the Viik couple often described as the most welcoming and heartfelt people, whose doors were always open to everyone in need of a warm place to stay, with pots and kettles full for the hungry. Valde Viik also became the first park manager of Malla Strict Nature Reserve in 1938. His guidance and knowledge of the harsh wilderness conditions were priceless to the arctic explorers of the day. 

As the Viiks built their life and had a family of their own, came World War II even as far as Kilpisjärvi to disturb their peaceful life. As so many others in Finland was the Viik family too forced to escape the war to Sweden. The Inn, which was also their home, was burnt during their evacuee. 

Siilastupa was built again after the war with the help of soldiers. After this, the rebuilt Siilastupa was relocated many times and part of it now stands on the shore of lake Kilpisjärvi. 

In 1937 started Kilpisjärvi gain reputation as one of the most beautiful places in Finland and a state-owned Tourism organization wanted to build a proper place for the tourists to stay in Kilpisjärvi- again was new the building called Siilastupa. Part of the main building of present day is this Siilastupa. On the walls of this charming old log building you can still admire pictures from the old days and wonder about the stories the logs would tell if able. Probably you would here countless stories of exited hikers planning their great adventures ahead. 

The first Innkeepers of Kilpisjärvi, Valde & Hilda Viik are the great grandparents of the present owner. Our main goal today is to stay true to their warm-hearted style of service and make sure everyone feels welcomed here, whether they need a place to stay, eat, or are just in need of advices and help. We would like to make sure that this beautiful place has at least 100 years still to come. With these words, 

We wish you a warm welcome.