The three nations border point in finland

Three Nations' Border Point

World's northernmost spot for three national boundaries to meet can be found in Kilpisjärvi. Take a stroll around the yellow cairn and you have been in to three different countries!

In the summer, after lake Kilpisjärvi is free from ice, the easiest way to get to the border point is to take a boat ride with M/S Malla. Boat leaves from our dock three times a day and takes you to Kolttalahti after where you continue by foot. The trail is 3 kilometers (one-way) of easy terrain and it is suitable also for children. Malla boat will wait for you in the dock for about 2 hours, that you have time to walk to the border point and back. If you want to do a longer day hike, you can take the boat just one way and hike back through Malla Nature Reserve. 

In the wintertime you can get to the border point by skiing, snowshoeing or with snowmobile. 

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