Malla Strict Nature Reserve

It is easy to explore the Malla Strict Nature Reserve when staying in Kilpisjärvi Camping & Holiday Village! You can hop on board Ms Malla right from our dock or hike there in less than half an hour.  

The area of Malla fells has been protected for a long time and for a good reason. On these hills live some rare butterfly species and vulnerable fell plants that would easily be disturbed without protection. 

One of the most popular day hikes in Kilpisjärvi ( in summer) is to take the Malla boat to Kolttalahti, and then hike back to us. This hike is about 16 kilometers long and will take you five to six hours. The marked trail takes you through varied landscapes from verdant forrest to treeless plains high up in the fells. Remember to stop by to the Three Nations' border point and you will be able to tell your friends that you've visited Sweden & Norway too!

When snow covers the naturve reserve you are allowed to ski and go snowshoeing anywhere in the area, but in the summer it is strictly forbidden to leave the marked trail. About halfway along the trail you will see one of the most striking sights of the Nature reserve, a waterfall known as the tears of Malla or Kitsiputous. In the fall of 2018 was the hight of this magnificent waterfall finally measured and it actually is the highest series of waterfalls in Finland. Altogether the water falls 118 meters in a series of smaller and bigger falls. In April is Kitsiputous one of the most wanted attractions to visit on our guided ski tours. 

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